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EXPO Milano 2015 

SAI is the Meetings and Events partner for the USA Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015, the world’s biggest event on nutrition, technology and sustainability.


SAI works with sponsors, dignitaries, academics, scientists and other notable members of the food community to develop and execute a robust calendar of Cultural Programs, Sponsor Activations, and Special Events throughout

Expo Milano and the city.



Brand Experience

When your very name is synonymous with luxury, every move you make is a brand defining statement. So, when Bentley Motors wanted to gather reactions from its customers to its brand new SUV concept vehicle, we went to the heart of the Gallery District in SoHo, NYC to install the handcrafted performance vehicle.


Bentley owners were invited to experience the concept vehicle in a scene-stealing environment in a neighborhood known for stopping traffic. The one hour experience gave guests a preview into the future of the luxury vehicle manufacturer, and allowed them an opportunity to help shape the look and feel of the new SUV.






Worldwide Management Conference

SAI created an immersive, "connective" environment with multiple theaters including "Idea Pods," interactive display arenas, collaboration cafés, a live broadcast studio and much more. An environment for the Chairman & CEO of this Fortune 100 company to engage with more than 1,000 senior leaders from around the world, build connections between the attendees, develop strong internal relationships, explore new ways of thinking and drive business growth. 


Johnson & Johnson Shareholder Meeting

Chairman & CEO asked SAI to create a powerful experience to communicate his vision of a hi-technology, committed and caring company.

Strategic Planning Meeting

When a large media company was at a critical junction in its history, they came to us to ensure attendees would be challenged to harness synergies, identify new opportunities and BeBold in their approach. Over the course of a week-long meeting, they worked together to plot the future of the media industry and their role in it. 




Global Leadership Summit

A successful series of high-profile Executive Summits that built alignment around business priorities and development of new business areas.

Beijing Olympic Pavilion

For the Beijing Summer Olympics, Johnson & Johnson turned to us to conceptualize, design, fabricate, produce and oversee the operation of their Pavilion during 17 days of the Games and 12 days of the Paralympics. 


"The Pavilion did an incredible job of showcasing the Johnson & Johnson brand image and identity"

-Mark Parker, CEO Nike

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