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Strategic Communications Plan


A recently launched Market Education program at a global pharmaceutical company needed a communication strategy to identify and explain changes to the program to their marketing employees at various levels/roles. We developed a strategic communications plan to recruit and inform participants of the purpose, content, and logistical details of the initiative.


A series of digital and print communications provided a holistic overview of the curriculum as well as the various individual program components.


Building & Training a Sales Force


Having recently hired a specialty sales force to bring a newly approved product to the marketplace, a growing biopharmaceutical organization wanted to elevate and enhance the home study learning experience.


Tools included a Home Study Tour Guide, which provided users with an overview of the program.  A Virtual Practicum enhanced the challenges customers face and brought practice environments to life. A VA Backgrounder provided insights into the VA pharmacy, giving the sales force a chance to see behind the scenes and grounded them in this unique environment. Reference Guides, Message Planners, and additional planning documents helped keep participants engaged and focused on the task at hand. 


Leadership Development

Employee participation in a global training program was not as well-received as a large pharmaceutical company wanted, so they reached out to us to develop an initiative that would boost interest and involvement.


We responded by designing and developing an internal Fellows Program. The program is a recognition and development plan designed to allow internal experts who had proven their mastery of foundational marketing skills, and the application of those skills to their business, to share their knowledge with their colleagues. 


Once selected and trained, the Fellows facilitated “Guided Working Sessions”; on-demand, in-house consulting workshops attended by business teams to help address a specific business challenge.


Many tactics were developed that gave aspiring leaders a forum to share their expertise and apply the concepts to everyday business. 



Employee Engagement 


Employees and new hires joining a global pharmaceutical company were enrolled in a self-directed educational program. The material was robust and had left prior new hires feeling overwhelmed and isolated. 


The objective was to engage employees in a way that made them feel immediately connected to and invested in the company. They called upon us to design and develop a communications strategy to inform their employees about the purpose, content, and logistical details of the program, as well as tactics to accomplish the objective. 


To manage the participants’ response to the required tasks, we designed and developed a series of forums for learners, structured Coaching Touchpoints with team leaders, and a dedicated Mentor Program. From an organizational perspective, an annual guidebook and roadmap were instituted to provide much needed structure.


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